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Vivid Biology

Leggings bacteria indigo

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- Wide Yoga-style waistband for extra comfort
- Made from 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex
- Soft, stretchy, lightweight and quick drying fabric
- Low rise
- Hand wash in cold water only
- Designs imprinted using an advance heat sublimation technique



Bacteria have a very bad reputation but while some bacteria can make us sick other types of bacteria are also very good for us.  In fact, our gut is home to an estimated 100 trillion “good” bacteria, which we couldn’t live without. Bacteria are not only found within our bodies but everywhere on Earth and are vital to the planet’s ecosystem.Bacteria are very small, single-celled organisms with simple cell structures without a nucleus or membrane bound organelles. Bacteria are classified according to their shapes such as corkscrew (spirochaetes), rod (bacilli), spherical (cocci), spiral (spirilla) or comma (vibrios). Some bacteria also have a tail (flagellum) which helps it move or sticky hair like additions that help the bacteria stick to each other and the environments around them.